A thin Java wrapper for the Steamworks C++ API.

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Games using steamworks4j


The Robotality games I originally wrote steamworks4j to use with.



Most diligent user

One man army OrangePixel earned his special section because he churns out steamworks4j-powered quality games like no other.



Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2

Heroes of Loot
Heroes of Loot

Heroes of Loot 2
Heroes of Loot 2

Space Grunts
Space Grunts

Editor’s choice

My - undoubtedly dictatorial - list of “favorite” games which look cool, and/or which I tried and enjoyed playing myself.

Alchemists Awakening
Alchemists Awakening by Osaris Games

Crazy Belts
Crazy Belts by jemchicomac

Delver by Priority Interrupt

The Madness of Little Emma
The Madness of Little Emma by Bartosz Bojarowski

Mute Crimson+
Mute Crimson+ by Iced Lizard Games

Run or Die
Run or Die by Team Flow (I love the (unwitting?) Halfway reference. :-D)

Spy Bugs
Spy Bugs by Digital Soul Games (Digital Soul Games’ Francisco Bischoff contributed large parts of the game server and web API wrappers.)


A list in alphabetical order, of other games I known to utilize steamworks4j. Feel free to contact me if you notice wrong information, or if you like your game to be added/removed.

Title Developer
a nifty game Pixel with Hat
Age of Conquest IV Noble Master LLC
Alien Blitz Jean-Baptiste Simillon
AuroraRL Sun Dogs
Balrum Balcony Team
Bard to the Future Battlebard Games
Battlestation: Harbinger Bugbyte Ltd
Bee Aware! Danny E.K. van der Kolk
Biodrone_Battle voodoosoft
Borstal The Secret Pie
BossConstructor Mirko Seithe
The Count Lucanor Baroque Decay
Crown and Council Mojang
Dog Sled Saga Trichotomy
Don’t Chat With Strangers Bartosz Bojarowski
The Dungeoning Nick Donnelly
Fantasy Tales Online Cold Tea Studio
Flat Path GooDCrafter
Hidden Dimensions 3 Stijn Van Cauter
Howard Phillips Lovecar The Secret Pie
InfiniTrap: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of Eternity Shadebob Games
Iron Armada Drakeling Labs
Lightspeed Frontier Crowdwork Studios
Lone Vessel Cobalt Flow Studios
Lux Delux Sillysoft Games
The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor Puuba
MHRD Funghisoft
Nubs’ Adventure IMakeGames
Prompt Peter Gutenko
qb Armadillo Studios
Quarries of Scred Hammerspace Games
RFLEX Wesley LaFerriere
Rising World JIW-Games
Senalux Pixel with Hat
Slay the Spire Mega Crit Games
Solar War Snipefish Entertainment
Spaceport Hope team BitClub
Spermination Phr00t
Super Pixalo Philip Royer
Tomb of Tyrants Jake Huhman