A thin Java wrapper for the Steamworks C++ API.

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Known issues


unable to load

As of Steamworks SDK v1.42, SteamEncryptedAppTicket.loadLibraries() fails because it is unable to load, even if it’s available and right next to in the library path.

I still don’t understand why this happens, but I found a workaround which needs patchelf to modify the shared library’s soname. This only needs to be done once after setting up or updating the /sdk folder.

Last time I tried, the version of patchelf distributed on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint was outdated and didn’t provide the needed option yet. Here are the steps to build and install patchelf from source code:

sudo make install

With patchelf installed, navigate to /sdk/public/steam/lib/linux64 and run:

patchelf --set-soname

After that, you can copy this library to your resource path, or use Maven to package a version of steamworks4j-server with all libraries included:

mvn [package|install] -pl server -Plibs