A thin Java wrapper for the Steamworks C++ API.

Getting started
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The steamworks4j library allows Java applications to access the Steamworks C++ API. It can be easily integrated with other frameworks, such as libGDX, LWJGL or Slick2D.


The wrapper is written as minimal as possible without sacrificing ease of use. Its goal is to provide just an accessible Java API to Valve’s C++ interfaces.

The public Java interfaces are - more or less - 1:1 mapped to their native counterparts, as long as it doesn’t impede usability and type safety. In general, each public function does simple Java to C++ type conversion only, then calls its native function.

Callbacks are dealt with in a similar manner. Native callbacks are received by package private callback adapters, which only do type conversion, then forward the callback to their public Java interface.

Technical limitations

SDK version

The prebuilt native libraries of steamworks4j are currently compiled with Steamworks SDK v1.39.

Java version

The Java code compiles with Java 6.

Mac OS

OS X 10.6 and later are supported.

The steamworks4j project is released under the MIT license. The steamworks4j package does not contain any source/header files owned by Valve. The only files included from the Steamworks SDK are the redistributable steam_api runtime libraries to accompany the prebuilt native libraries.